Developments in the Law

News Alert: SJC Addresses Application of Strict Liability Statute
The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has handed down its decision in the case of Sheehan v. Weaver. The case concerns the application of M.G.L. c. 143, § 51 and addresses the extent to which parties in control of certain types of premises may be held strictly liable for injuries caused by conditions which violate the State Building Code. . . .read more

Mass. State Police “Critical Speed Formula” Excluded in Daubert Hearing
Commonwealth vs. Cruz (Norfolk Superior Court Criminal Action No.: 10-0508)
The following is a summary of the recent decision of Commonwealth vs. Cruz. Hassett & Donnelly was.. read more

SJC Calculates 93A Damages at $22 Million Dollars
Rhodes v. AIG Domestic Claims, Inc. (SJC-10911)
In Rhodes v. AIG Domestic Claims, Inc., SJC-10911 (February 10, 2012), the SJC reaffirmed that damages for knowing or willful.. read more