Defense Verdict Obtained in Connecticut Slip and Fall Action

Attorney Scott Ober successfully defended an insured snow removal contractor to a defense verdict in a Connecticut jury trial. The plaintiff claimed she sustained serious injuries including a fracture of the left ankle requiring ORIF surgery when she fell on snow and ice in a commercial parking lot. She also alleged a 7% permanent impairment of the left foot and ankle as a result of her injuries. The jury trial proceeded in Harford Superior Court before Judge Robaina. Attorney Ober argued that the last snow storm had occurred approximately one week before the plaintiff fell and that the evidence showed the snow removal contractor had treated the area with “lava melt” prior to the plaintiff’s fall. He further argued that the property owner had not made any requests to the insured snow removal contractor to perform any additional snow removal work prior to the date of loss. Lastly, Attorney Ober argued that the plaintiff was very familiar with the subject parking lot, parked in the same spot and walked the same route every day, including the days leading up to her fall. After a multi-day trial, the jury returned with a defense verdict.

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