Professional Liability

Professional Liability

Summary Judgment Affirmed by Appeals Court in Oil Spill Case

Attorney Matthew Lindberg successfully obtained summary judgment on behalf of an oil company in a case arising from an oil spill at the plaintiffs’ residence.  Following the spill, remediation work.. read more

Motion to Dismiss Granted – Civil Rights / False Arrest

Donnelly and Mayo successfully moved to dismiss a civil rights / false arrest action filed against the Town of Shirley and individual police officers following the arrest of a man.. read more

Motion to Dismiss Granted – Negligence / Misrepresentation / Improper Drainage

Donnelly also earned a dismissal of a Worcester Superior Court action filed by homeowners against the Town of Grafton stemming from improper drainage / excessive water flow at a subdevelopment.. read more

Motion for Summary Judgment Allowed – Trespass / Nuisance / Res Judicata

Attorneys Donnelly and Mayo successfully moved for summary judgment in an action arising from a vitreous sewage pipe that was leaking into the drinking supply of a commercial property located.. read more