Catastrophic Injury & Death

Employer Not Vicariously Liable for Intoxicated Driver / Appeals Court Affirms Summary Judgment

Attorneys John Dealy and David Hassett successfully obtained summary judgment for a defendant construction company in a wrongful death action where its employee operated a motor vehicle involved in a.. read more

Defense Verdict in Motor Vehicle Case / $2 Million Award Against Co-Defendant

Attorneys David Hassett and Scott Ober successfully obtained a defense verdict following a 9-day jury trial in Plymouth Superior Court. The action arose from a two-vehicle accident occurring in the.. read more

Defense Verdict in Fatal Shooting Case

The plaintiff alleged that the defendant property owner failed to maintain adequate exterior lighting and secure the perimeter fence in an alleged “known crime” area.  In particular, plaintiff’s counsel argued.. read more

Summary Judgment in Wrongful Death at Paper Mill

Attorneys David Hassett and Tara Lynch successfully obtained summary judgment on behalf of a defendant cardboard packaging company in a wrongful death action brought in Worcester Superior Court. The 24-year-old.. read more

Defendants’ Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings Allowed in Social Host / Wrongful Death Case

Attorney Margarita Warren successfully obtained the dismissal of a social host action in Essex Superior Court by filing a Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings shortly after the completion of.. read more

Defense Verdict in Contribution Claim Following MVA with Catastrophic Injuries

Attorney Paul Rainville successfully obtained a defense verdict after a four-day jury trial in Bristol Superior Court. The action arose from a February 16, 2005 motor vehicle vs. flatbed truck.. read more

Carbon Monoxide and Memory Loss

“Expert”  Witnesses Successfully Challenged The plaintiff, an attorney, alleged personal injuries and memory loss arising from exposure to carbon monoxide and other chemicals in leased office space. He consulted two.. read more

Idling Trucks and Carbon Monoxide ‘Poisoning’

Expert Witnesses Rebuffed The plaintiff was purportedly overcome by carbon monoxide fumes in her workplace from trucks allegedly left idling while making deliveries at the rear of the building to.. read more

Death of a Child

Defining a Charity Reduces Liability This action was brought by the estate of a minor plaintiff who died in a fire when a candle was left burning in her tent.. read more

Homeowners as General Contractors Responsible to Severely Injured Subcontractor; Indemnification Provisions Deemed Void as Against Public Policy

Attorney Peter Barrett obtained partial summary judgment in a case involving a severely injured subcontractor who fell from an unstable ladder while constructing an addition to a residential property. As.. read more