Motor Vehicle and Pedestrian Accidents.

With the burgeoning U.S. population you can depend upon there being more people, more roads and more cars. Add cell phones and texting to the mix and you have a recipe for more motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents.  We have successfully handled countless motor vehicle and pedestrian cases.

Recent Wins: Motor Vehicle and Pedestrian Accidents

“Defense Verdict in Connecticut Motor Vehicle / Equestrian Accident – Jury Permitted to View Surveillance Tape”

“Defense Verdict in Contribution Claim Following MVA with Catastrophic Injuries”

“Drag Race Death – No ‘joint enterprise’ in accident”

“Entangled Bumpers Create Double Rear-End Accident – Precluding Medical Bills Nullifies Suit”

“Placing Blame for Rear-Ending  – Testimony Elicited For Positive Result”

“A One-Percent Issue – Facts Rout Tortfeasor Theory”

Recent News: Motor Vehicle and Pedestrian Accidents

Massachusetts State Police “Critical Speed Formula” Excluded in Daubert Hearing”

Commonwealth vs. Cruz (Norfolk Superior Court Criminal Action No.: 10-0508)

“Equestrian Fails to Prove That Driver Caused Injury”

The Connecticut Law Tribune