Construction Litigation.

In the long, complicated journey from building design to completion, the highly-regulated area of construction is full of potential snares.  From construction defects to breach of contract claims to construction site injuries and deaths, Hassett & Donnelly has successfully defended hundreds of clients ranging from large construction companies, general contractors, subcontractors,  material suppliers, engineers, architects, and property developers.

Recent Wins: Construction Litigation

“Defense Verdict in Fall from Scaffolding – Witness Testifies the Plaintiff’s Claim Was Fabricated”

“Defense Verdict in Contract Case Involving Contested “Cut and Paste” Signature”

“Homeowners as General Contractors Responsible to Severely Injury Subcontractor; Indemnification Provisions Deemed Void as Against Public Policy”

“Homeowners Avoid Liability in $700,000 Trip and Fall Verdict Against Property Developer

and Contractor”

“Defendant Insurance Company Dismissed from Multi-District Litigation Involving Chinese Drywall Cases”

“Trouble with Subs and Sub-Subs”

“A Home Run – Suit Against Builder Fails, is Appealed, Fails Again”