Hassett and Donnelly, P.C. Prevails on Behalf of Insurer Before Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

Insurer’s Denial Based on “Anti-concurrent Cause” Provision Deemed Proper – Important Implications for All Massachusetts Property Insurers On July 12, 2012, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled in favor of.. read more

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Carbon Monoxide and Memory Loss

“Expert” Witnesses Successfully Challenged The plaintiff, an attorney, alleged personal injuries and memory loss arising from exposure to carbon monoxide and other chemicals in leased office space. He consulted two.. read more

Idling Trucks and Carbon Monoxide “Poisoning”

Expert Witnesses Rebuffed The plaintiff was purportedly overcome by carbon monoxide fumes in her workplace from trucks allegedly left idling while making deliveries at the rear of the building to.. read more

Working Without Crucial Evidence

Letters of Compliance Precluded, But Defendant Prevails The two minor plaintiffs alleged that they sustained permanent brain damage as a result of being exposed to lead paint during their two-and-a-half.. read more

Breaking a Mold Suit

Restricting Experts’ Proposed Testimony Helps Case The plaintiff, a minor, sued the landlords of the duplex in which he lived. The complaint alleged breach of warranty of habitability, violation of.. read more

Asbestos Exposure – Wrongful Death – Voluntary Dismissal

Attorneys Paul Rainville and John Girouard successfully argued to have a client dismissed from a potentially costly wrongful death / asbestos exposure case. Our client, owner of a successful family.. read more

Summary Judgment in Asbestos Case Requiring Multi-District Litigation

Matthew G. Lindberg prevailed on a Motion for Summary Judgment in an asbestos case pending in Superior Court in which the plaintiff’s decedent died from malignant mesothelioma. We successfully argued.. read more

Defense Verdict: Toxic Mold Exposure

Scott T. Ober was victorious following a two-week mold trial in Superior Court. The plaintiffs alleged that work performed by our client, a mason, and the co-defendant, a plumber, caused.. read more

Motion to Dismiss Granted – Civil Rights / False Arrest

Donnelly and Mayo successfully moved to dismiss a civil rights / false arrest action filed against the Town of Shirley and individual police officers following the arrest of a man.. read more